Hand Tied Lash

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Oh My Lash - Affection Hand Tied Lashes

Naturally beautiful, light and comfortable lash “Affection” is you.
€4.73 €3.94

Oh My Lash - Bespoke Hand Tied Lashes

Oh My Lash eyelashes are hand-tied from 100% cruelty-free premium synthetic fibers that are layered precisely to offer a light, natural, dimensional effect.
€3.94 €3.15

Oh My Lash - Carefree Hand Tied Lashes

Being glamorous is to be Carefree. Carefree is Glamorous, Fashionable and Comfortable.
€3.94 €3.15

Oh My Lash - Dare Hand Tied Lashes

Enjoy Flashing Your Confidence With Dare Be daring. Be unforgettable. Be Bold
€4.73 €3.94

Oh My Lash - Jasmine Hand Tied Lashes

Ever feel like rebelling & steeping out of your comfort Zone? Our “ Jasmine ” is perfect for you.
€6.31 €4.73