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Men's Health

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Gui Fu Di Huang Wan 桂附地黃丸

Gui Fu Di Huang Wan

This herbal supplement is to maintain a healthy kidney. This is appropriate for when you have cold hands or feet and is lacking energy on a daily basis. Men will see better results for this particular formula.
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan 金锁固精丸

Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan

Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan is appropriate for excessive sweating during sleep and lacking energy.
Kai Kit Wan 解结丸

Kai Kit Wan

Kai Kit Wan is to promote the prostate glands. Ingredients: Plantain, Lalic Pink, Knotgrass, Gardenia, Rhubarb, Loosestrife, Phrrosia Frond, Licorice.
Peru Premium Black Maca 秘鲁黑瑪咖

Peru Premium Black Maca

The Black Maca is said to promote well-being and immune functions for men. In recent years, Maca has surged in popularity due to it's aphrodisiac health claims.
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